The Just Agriculture e-magazine and Just Agriculture e-Newsletter has Editorial Board, subject matter specialist editors, principal scientists and Research scholars of various research institutions as well as the senior professors from different universities of India. All the articles sent to us are reviewed by chief editor and subject matter specialist editors. If any article is not in proper format, or against our publishing guidelines, it will not be accepted by the editor-in-chief. If the editorial board believes that the article/paper needs improvement, then it is sent to team of subject specialist editors and reviewers for corrections. After proper screening and corrections, the articles are published in upcoming issue.

Submission Guidelines for Authors:

  1. The Just Agriculture e-magazine and Just Agriculture e-Newsletter will be published monthly as Online Open Access Magazine on our official website Monthly issue would be published on 1st week of every month.
  2. Articles must be sent in .doc, .docx, MS-Word format and will be sent to as an email attachment for reviewing and suggested modification. After acceptance by the concerned editor, the article should be sent to for publication.
  3. Article shouldn't exceed 1500 words; however it should exceeds the limit if necessary to complete the sentence but less than 2500 words in any case.
  4. Title should be short and informative of the content with 14 font size of bold times new roman.
  5. Complete address of all authors should be given below the title with 12 font size of times new roman and email of corresponding author must be after the address with 11 font size of bold times new roman.
  6. Article/Manuscripts should be peer reviewed on the basis of editor’s recommendation and asked to revise the article.
  7. Manuscripts will be free from plagiarism and are accepted on the consideration that the work described is original and has not been published elsewhere.
  8. The prospective authors can submit articles including introduction, abstract, tables, figures, references; references of tables and figures must be mentioned in the article.
  9. Text should be clear in A4 paper size format, giving complete details of the article in simple English. It should contain summary of the article, short introduction and complete methodology and results. Authors must draw conclusions of their articles finally. Abbreviation should be written fully at first time. Scientific names and technical nomenclature must be accurate. Tables, figures and pictures should be relevant and appropriately placed with references.
  10. Reference style- Author Surname, Initials, Year of publication. Title of Article. Title of Journal full(italics). Volume umber (Issue Number) : Page numbers eg. Singh, V. and Sharma. R. (2017). Effect of nitrogen on maize yield and phenology. Indian Farmer. 12 (3):5-7.
  11. Most importantly all authors must sign an article authorization certificate describing their role in the article and taking responsibility of all disputes if arises from their contents in article.

Note: Authors are requested to check following points before submission of their articles to Just Agriculture e-magazine and Just Agriculture e-Newsletter

  1. Articles in pdf form or not in prescribed format or having plagiarized content will be rejected.
  2. Chief Editor and Editorial Board has all rights to reject an article which is against the publishing guidelines of Just Agriculture e-magazine and Just Agriculture e-Newsletter.
  3. All authors are solely responsible for plagiarism issue in their article.
  4. Email of corresponding author must be mentioned.
  5. Article has not been sent for publication or published elsewhere.
  6. Article should not be duplicate and must be written by author himself/herself.
  7. Author agrees to guidelines and terms, conditions of our magazine
  8. Popular Article/ Manuscripts with 1-3 pages are considered in magazine (including original HD pictures, graph, table, data).
  9. Technical Article/ Manuscripts with 3-5 pages are considered in newsletter (including original HD pictures, graph, table, data).
  10. Selection of Article/ Manuscripts whether it is published in magazine or newsletter, it is solely decided by Advisory/Editorial Board of Just Agriculture e-magazine & Just Agriculture e-Newsletter according to the content. (Author has no rights to raise issue about the selection of manuscript).
  11. Manuscripts submitted to Just Agriculture e-magazine & Just Agriculture e-Newsletter should not be previously/simultaneously published or considered for publication elsewhere. (In such case if any manuscript is found to be published elsewhere, then publication fees will be non-refundable).

Authors shall submit their article at our official mail id after reading the above guidelines.

Sample Format for Submission of articles